Scuba Diving

Free Diving

Experience the quietest and calmest form of being in the universe swimming through the water with the company of the most amazing marine life at your feet. We'll take you to the ocean beds of South, West & East.


Catch the sights of breathtaking coral reefs and marine life with your own eyes with no disruption from the ocean waves, but be able to breath at the same moment. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Go with us on the amazing journey of snorkeling at Hikkaduwa, Pigeon Island, Pasikudah & Unawatuna, or wherever you wish to.

Wreck Diving

Unlock the secrets and mysteries of the long gone past and get a good look at what's been hiding under the waves for so long, crystallized for many years. Sneak a glance or two at the coral reefs accompanying the sunken ships and planes at Unwatuna & Pasikudah while you glide through.