Adventure Camping

Set up your camp at a site filled with adventurous sports and try out some rock climbing, boating and even cliff jumping if you are in deep love with water at its purest form inside thick and tall jungles of Knuckles Mountain Range & Ella.


Is your back strong enough to carry equipment worth two to three nights? Well test it up and cram all the good stuff into a backpack half your size and walk through the natural trails of dense forests of Knuckles Mountain Range, Ella, Nuwara Eliya, Passara & Ohiya through mist and rain, and even sunlight if it shines.

Survival Camping

The thick and dark forests at Knuckles & Seven Virgin Mountain Ranges doesn't come with a guide-book to follow on how to survive inside them. So go ahead and bring your truest survivalist form and see how far you'll get.